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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Stop The Wedding

I was watching 'Four Weddings' on my favourite channel Living and i funnily enough felt the urge to blog - it was the one with the Russian bride who had the eye infection, never mind - anyway hope you've been enjoying Chattyman - What a great start to the series Pammie, Russell Brand and the cast of Glee plus Plan B singing. - it doesnt get any better than that does it! Boy can Russell talk - we chatted for about an hour (normally its about 20 minutes per interview) - he was so entertaining he was like a verbal tsunami - i couldnt get my questions in - i thought 'Christ - what was he like when he was ON drugs? One of my favourite guests by far.

Writing for my tour which is a major ballache - it always has taken me ages and the trouble being by the time ive written the tour half the material is out of date - and who wants to listen to a comedy routine centreing on the miners strike, Bejams and Jif.

It was my birthday last monday and Gok ( how lovely is this?) drove all the way from his home with a birthday cake, not only that, but a cake with my face on it. What a star! It was delicious and believe me readers i would have saved you a bit if i hadnt come down to find the last quarter disappearing down Bev's gob - its quite surreal seeing your own dog chew on your marzipan glasses and haribo teeth, gulp it down and lick its lips. I went ahead and ate her dog food that'll teach her.

Got some great names coming on soon Lily Allen, Kylie, The Cast of Twilight, Enrique, Kelis, Katie and Alex.....

Al x
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